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Thanks to the thoughtful generosity of Lamont Moore, the 60 acre Knights Hill Nature Park property was donated to the Outing Club in 1972.  The Knights Hill Nature Park Fund receives regular interest from the Lamont Moore Endowment Fund set up to benefit Knights Hill Nature Park. In 1992 a successful collaboration of the Outing Club, Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust, the New London Conservation Commission and Planning Board transferred to the Outing Club a 55 acre parcel that abutted Knights Hill Nature Park. Now the Outing Club offers almost 100 acres of hiking trails, open outdoor spaces, and numerous sporting activities - all within New London.


Knight's Hill Nature Park is dedicated to the aesthetic appreciation, conservation, and scientific study of nature. It consists of almost 100 acres of natural habitat set aside for the protection of wildlife and as a quiet and peaceful retreat for people. The field house is open in the summer and is staffed by our naturalist. Schedules of events and activities are also available there. Summer events include nature walks, live wildlife programs, and an occasional night sky watch. Also at the field house are copies of a checklist of the wide variety of plant and animal species that have been recorded within the park's boundaries. These can help you identify some of the things you see as you walk the trails. We invite you to follow the interpretive trail, starting at the field house and proceeding from station number 1 to 10, as listed on the KHNP map.

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