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2024 Outing Club Lacrosse
**Registration for Boys 3/4 & 5/6 + Girls 3/4  still available
Email: for more info
1st/2nd Grade (Co-Ed)
Cost: $60 members/$100 non-members
Practices Saturd
ay mornings
3rd/4th Grade Boys
Cost: $105 members/$175 non-members
2 practices/1-2 games weekly
3rd/4th Grade Girls
Cost: $105 members/$175 non-members
2 practices/1-2 games weekly
5th/6th Grade Boys
Cost: $105 members/$175 non-members
Practices M/Tue/Thur
1 weeknight/1 weekend game each week 
5th/6th Grade Girls
Cost: $105 members/$175 non-members
Practices Mon/Wed
1 weeknight/1 weekend game each week

U9 | Grades 1&2 | Specific Information

This age group doesn't wear typical lacrosse equipment.  The format for this age group is based on development.  This program focuses on introducing our young players to lacrosse in a fun and approachable way.  No experience needed.

The OC will provide soft sticks for the use of 1/2 Coed Registrants.

Outing Club Lacrosse  |  League Information:

Our teams are part of the Interstate Lacrosse Community (ILC), an association of local youth lacrosse programs conducted by various New Hampshire and Vermont town, school and private organizations that share common goals to:

• Provide a fun, safe, instructional framework for youth lacrosse games.

• Promote the goodwill and sportsmanship traditions of the game of lacrosse to honor community, family and players. 

• Provide a consistent set of game rules for youth to learn to play safely and to love lacrosse.

• Provide scheduling opportunities for teams to play a season game schedule with other teams within a reasonable traveling distance.

• Foster competitive play that emphasizes team and individual success measured by improving personal and team skills, hard work, hustle, character, sportsmanship, and respect for the game, all players, coaches and officials, rather than winning as the only or primary goal.

Please visit the Interstate Lacrosse Community website anytime by clicking here.

Practice and Game Fields:

Home games and practices may be scheduled at Woodward Park, the OCIC Fields, Kearsarge Regional Middle School, or at the Kearsarge Regional High School depending on team or program.   


Code Of Conduct:

Our program hopes to foster the proper perspective for our players by mandating that all players, each parent and all coaches will abide by our Code of Conduct. All players, parents and coaches are required to read and indicate that they have read and will abide by the code by signing the Code Of Conduct form, and keeping a copy at home for reference.


General Equipment Information

Boys - Boys lacrosse stick (soft mesh pocket), lacrosse helmet (certified by NOCSAE), attached mouth guard (colored, not clear) that covers back molars, shoulder pads, arm guards, gloves, rib pads (recommended, not mandatory) athletic cup, and football or lacrosse cleated shoes.

Girls - Girls lacrosse stick, lacrosse eye guard, mouth guard (not clear) that covers back molars.


Goalie gear for girls and boys is provided by The Outing Club, with exception of the helmet.

Uniforms (practice vests, game jerseys shorts) are provided to each player for the season. 

*****Need-Based Scholarship available, please email for more information.

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