The Outing Club has five memorial funds which have been established to commemorate those special persons who had a love for the NLOC and all it contributes to the community. Donations may be made to any fund in any amount. All funds go towards providing scholarships as well as improvements and special maintenance to our facilities.  Donations to these funds are always welcome and appreciated.

Please contact any board director if you would like to establish a memorial fund . 

Donations to the memorial funds can be made by mail.  Either mail your donation with a note, or download our Membership and Donation form below. Complete the form and mail with your check (payable to "NLOC") to:
NLOC, P.O. Box 1856, New London, NH 03257.

Alex Gissler Memorial Fund

1989 - 2006

Alexander C. Gissler was born in New London on July 29, 1989. He lived in Newbury all of his life and attended Kearsarge Regional Elementary School in New London and Kearsarge Regional Middle School. Alex was a member of the junior class at   Kearsarge Regional High School in North Sutton when he died as a result of injuries from an automobile accident on October 1,2006. 

Alex had a love of sports and the outdoors. He worked at the Baker Hill Golf Course during the summers, after school and on   weekends. He enjoyed sports of all kinds and was a fan of all New England sports players. He played sports at the New London   Outing Club for many years, and he particularly enjoyed lacrosse and basketball. He really liked being with his friends and spending time with his family.
Alex is known for his ability to light up a room with his incredible smile and will be fondly remembered by all. Alex, his sister Jenna, and his parents, Carl and Cindy, are devoted members in our community.

Bob Andrews Memorial Fund

1960 - 2006

Bob Andrews was born on Sept. 26, 1960 in Point Pleasant, N.J. He spent his early years in Bay Head, NJ and moved to New London in 1968. He was highly dedicated to youth in sports and recreational opportunities for all ages in our community.

Bob, as a former local high school athlete, collegiate soccer athlete, long time KRHS Women's Head Soccer Coach, middle-school teacher and the first full-time Recreational Director of the Town of New London, was a fixture in our community. His willingness, enthusiasm and expertise in motivating, teaching and coaching was exceptional. His relationship with the NLOC, as a youth participant followed by a volunteer coach and leader, and finally his cooperative spirit coordinating New London Recreation Department activities at the NLOC was admired and appreciated by all.

The Bob Andrew's Memorial Fund was established by the NLOC as an endowment to be available for many of the important programs and services that were important to Bob. Such as scholarships to ensure that no child would be precluded from participating in a sport due to financial need. As well as training of volunteer soccer coaches and officials to promote the game that Bob loved.Ice hockey was another love of Bobs, as evidenced by his tireless efforts to build and maintain a winter ice skating rink next to the New London Inn. The rink has since been named the "Bob Andrews Memorial Rink". Our first expenditure from this Fund is providing financial assistance in the construction of a rink-side warming hut built in his honor. 

Walton & Virginia Chadwick Memorial Fund

Walt Chadwick - 1924 - 2004

Virginia "Ginny" Chadwick - 1923 - 2005

Walt Chadwick was born September 1924 and a lifelong resident of New London, New Hampshire. He was a1942 graduate of New London High School, a U.S. Army veteran of World War II, as well as owner and operator of Chadwick Funeral Service in New London from 1949- 1991.

Virginia Johnson was born on September 23, 1923 in Northwood, N.H. She attended high school at Coe Brown Academy and graduated with a Home Economics degree from the University of New Hampshire in 1945. Following graduation, Ginny relocated to New London, N.H. to teach Home Economics at New London High School. 

Walt and Ginny met in New London and were married in 1946. They had three children who were active in sports and the NLOC was a big part of their lives. They volunteered at many sporting events and gave continued financial support to the NLOC. Their daughter, Marion, has served as Director of the NLOC in the past. 

In memory of Walt and Ginny, a beautiful bench contributed by their family sits at the Little League Field where they often sat to watch the games.

Eleanor second from left, (Ben far right)

Carlton F. & Eleanor G. Barton Memorial Fund

Carlton Barton - 1926 - 2009

Eleanor Barton - 1926 - 1982

Eleanor (Ellie) Barton was the daughter of Merle and Vinita Gay. She was a graduate of the New London High School class of 1944 where she was an outstanding basketball player. She Graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1948 and married high school friend Carlton (Bud) Barton in 1950.

Ellie and Carlton had four children and their home became known as the towns gathering place for their children's friends. Ellie served as Secretary for the NLOC and along with Bud, they were great supporters of the NLOC. Ellie's son, Ben, served on the board of directors for the NLOC and was active as a coach and officiator of NLOC sporting activities.
The Carlton and Eleanor Barton Memorial Fund has been used for special needs for the NLOC.

Carlton far right.

Kent Woodward Memorial Fund

1958 - 1967

Kent Woodward was born to Sumner and Jo Woodward on June 6, 1958 in New London, New Hampshire. Kent attended the New London Elementary School. He was nine years old when he was tragically killed on September 17, 1967 on Mount Washington as a result of the Cog Railway accident.

Kent was a Cub Scout and played the position of catcher on the Little League baseball team. Kent's grandparents, Wesley and Beth Woodward, donated a gift of land to the NLOC in his memory. Given Kent's love of baseball, memorial donations made in his memory were used to build a Little League field on the land now known as Woodward Park.

Ken'ts memorial fund has been used for various needs of the NLOC over the years and continues to grow from the continued support of his family and friends.


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