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The Outing Club Indoor Center is the name of the facilities formerly known as the Kearsarge Regional Middle School in New London.  The OCIC includes the front lobby and restrooms, the gym and locker rooms, the stage area and the former music room, now our Activity Room, as well as the playing fields behind the school. The entire KRMS, is still owned and operated by the Kearsarge Regional School District. The Kearsarge Regional Elementary School in New London also use the gym and some other areas in the school for their students during the school day.  

The newly renovated and repaired Gym, Stage, Music Room ("Activity Room") and field areas at the former KRMS in New London will be the “OCIC", our indoor, year-round facility for our Kearsarge area community.The Outing Club is leasing the space from the KRSD (10 year lease) and will have exclusive use for after school hours, weekends and school vacation periods which will allow the expansion of existing programs and the ability to offer new programs and activities for all ages.​

The Outing Club took out a loan for $200,000 to repair, restore and renovate these spaces. This included:
- repairing the gym’s exterior drainage problem which ruined and warped the gym floor.
- installing a new hardwood maple gym floor.
- replacing the fencing around playing field.
- restoring the baseball diamond (60 tons of clay) and grass area.
- clearing access to playing fields and added drainage.
- restoring overgrown small field to use.

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