• Abigail Castriotta

Week 3: Wetlands!

This week's topic is wetlands! Wetlands are very important habitat for many species. They also provide ecosystem services such as water filtration, flood mitigation, and carbon sequestration (or carbon storage). Lucky for us, New London has great examples of wetlands. I will take you through four wetlands habitats in New London (marsh, swamp, bog, and vernal pool) and hopefully you can head out and explore them for yourself!

This is a great resource for NH's amphibian and reptile species:

Common aquatic and riparian plants of NH:

Link for quick vernal pool species guide:

Life you are likely to see in a vernal pool at this time of year

  • salamander larvae

  • waterbugs

  • developing wood frogs and peepers

  • toad tadpoles

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