Granite State Track and Field is a statewide program where teams sponsored by different communities can compete against each other in running events, long jump and softball throw.  Children can do just running, just field events, or both.  No particular skill or talent is required, and children of all levels of competitiveness are welcome.  The emphasis is on each child having a positive experience in an introduction to the sports of track and field. This year meets will be just our community or meets involving two or three towns.  The large regional and state meets of past years, involving hundreds of children, will not be held in 2021.  
Practice will begin on Monday May 10, and the program will conclude mid-June.  Eligible ages are 9 - 15. Eligibility for 15 year-olds is a change from past years and is a one-time exception for this year only.  Ages are determined as of what age the child will be on December 31.