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We are pleased to announce that basketball registrations are open!!


3rd/4th grade and 5th/6th grade information:


These age groups will all be part of the Merrimack Basketball League.  All info for games times, locations, standings can be found on their website: Merrimack Basketball League (


Assessments for team separation will be the week of 10/25/21


3rd/4th grade boys:    Tuesday        5:00-6:30    

                                       Thursday      5:00-6:30


3rd/4th grade girls:    Wednesday       6:15-7:30        

                                        Friday               5:00-6:30


5th/6th grade boys    Monday             5:00-6:30

                                      Wednesday      5:00-6:15 


5th/6th grade girls    Tuesday        6:30-8:00

                                     Thursday       6:30-8:00


Team practices will start the following week.  As of now, all practices and home games will be held at the OC gym.There will be one practice per week with a game on Saturday.

Weekly practice schedule may vary depending on signup levels and coaches availability, but based on previous years this is the current schedule for practices:


3rd/4th boys team1    solo practice     Tuesday            5:30-6:30                    

                                       shared practice    Friday            7:00-8:00


3rd/4th boys team 2    solo practice    Tuesday            4:30-5:30

                                        shared practice    Friday            7:00-8:00


3rd/4th boys team 3    solo practice    Wednesday            4:30-5:30

                                        shared practice    Friday            7:00-8:00


3rd/4th girls team 1    solo practice    Monday            6:00-7:00

                                       shared practice    Friday            6:00-7:00


3rd/4th girls team 2    solo practice    Wednesday            5:30-6:30

                                        shared practice    Friday            6:00-7:00


5th/6th boys team 1    solo practice    Tuesday            6:30-8:00

                                        shared practice    every other Friday        4:30-6:00


5th/6th boys team 2    solo practice    Wednesday            6:30-8:00

                                        shared practice    every other Friday        4:30-6:00


5th/6th boys team 3    solo practice    Thursday            5:00-6:30

                                        shared practice    every other Friday        4:30-6:00


5th/6th Girls team 1    solo practice    Monday            4:30-6:00

                                        shared practice    every other Friday        4:30-6:00


5th/6th girls team 2    solo practice    Thursday            6:30-8:00

                                       shared practice    every other Friday        4:30-6:00

This year, as a way to help keep costs down, we will be asking that a parent from the home team run the game clock.  Each player will get their own personalized  jersey to keep and a pair of shorts that need to be return at the end of the season



3rd/4th grade………………………………..$125 for members/$165 for non-members

5th/6th grade……………………………….$125 for members/$165 for non-members


Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade information:

This age group will have skills drills and in-house scrimmages.  Practices will start January 9th and go until February 13th. 


Kinders        Sunday         9:00-9:45

1st grade        Sunday         10:00-11:00

2nd grade        Sunday         11:00-12:00



Kinders………………………………$35 for members/$65 for non-members

1st and 2nd grade………………….$50 for members/$75 for non-members

Please have all players bring:

  • Clean indoor sneakers

  • Water bottle

  • Hair tie


**We are following CDC guidelines for Covid.  Masks will be required for spectators.  The school reserves the right to block us from the gym if they find it necessary due to a covid outbreak.  No refunds will be given**

Volunteer Basketball Directors: Steve Lynch 

Please reach out to Steve if you have any questions regarding the season or if you would like to volunteer, referee or coach this season!